Friday, January 28, 2011

water problems and dirty kids.

Around the hollydays, we had some water problems.  It had us practically living in the basement, manually turning on the water pump to get the water we needed.  Hubby and friend worked really hard at getting it fixed.  Lot's of hard work later, and two very very dirty kids, and we have water again :o)

Here are the boys playin' with there toys.
 The big trench from the house to the barn.
 One very dirty kid, but ho so happy!
 And the other very dirty but happy kid, including our farm chihuahua, getting all muddy.

fresh from the farm.....
-5c, cloudy with light snow falling.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

first snow fall

Last saturday, we had our first official snow fall of the season.  It came down quite hard at times.  Audrey was up at the  crack of dawn the next morning, ready to go out.
They sure enjoyed playing in the snow.

Rosalie enjoying the snow.  

Even Lacey had her first taste of snow, and she looooved it.
 My favorite thing to take a picture of is my sugar shack.  Just makes every season look soooo good.

It was also Miss Moo's first snow.  What a pretty beast.

Fresh from the farm.....

trick or treat

Even though all the stores are putting up their christmas merchandise, halloween just ended.  We did something different this year, we went to a party.  Got all dressed up, had good laughs and lot's of fun. Girls found it hilarious to see Mom and Dad in costumes.
Here's Dad in his hippy 70's costume, Nice bling!

Mom, the scary/friendly witch.

Beautiful miss Audrey in her fairy costume.
 Miss Rosalie in her unicorn costume.
 Angus and Noé, what a scary santa he is, and it's all his fault for all the snow we got that night!
Three days later, still in halloween hangover, just too much candy around the house.....

Fresh from the farm.....

Monday, October 18, 2010

enjoying the fallen leaves

With the cold weather just around the corner, it's also time for leaves to fall.  Kids and pets enjoy this time of year.
Lacey is new to all this outdoors stuff, and she is amazed and fun to watch as she discovers new things.

We still have a few flowers in Audrey's garden blooming, we always take a few minutes to smell them.

Our pond has never been as full as it's been this summer.  Geese and duck are sure happy about it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

catching up

I haven't been on my blog in a little while, so I have catching up to do.
First we had out annual corn roast, third edition.  it was a success even if it was very windy and cold.  Food and friends were a plenty.
 Family and friends fiested on good foods.

We added a new member to our pet family.  This is Lacey, our one and half year old chihuahua.  Never thought I'd be one to dress up a dog, but it's kind of fun :-)

With the western/country festival in our local town, Audrey's school had a cowboy day.  Doesn't she look good in her cowgirl outfit?  HEEEEEHAAAAA!

Monday, August 30, 2010

back to school

Finally, it's back to school time.  But the summer sure went by way tooooo fast.

We were all ready, even with a new bus driver.

+30c, sunny

Fresh from the farm.....

a proud papa

Not having a son, Paul has to make do with daughters.  That's ok, nothing his girls can't do that a son could, even ride a motor bike.  

Audrey was still too nervous last year, but this year is another story. 
She got on..........

 and rode off.......


Fresh from the farm.....